Work is not a Marriage

In Houston, we have a name for roads that run parallel to freeways: we call them feeders. Non-Texas folk might call them frontage roads, or may not even have them at all. Freeways are always highways, but we have a few highways that aren’t actually freeways. It all makes perfect sense. I usually take the … Continue reading Work is not a Marriage


I Shoulda Been a Dancer

She couldn't have been more than 12, but she was tall for her age. We had gathered for an art show, but I knew only the host. Her presence was a welcome change from the scattered introductions and hurried greetings. I'd been a teacher, so I knew how this would go. I was prepared to … Continue reading I Shoulda Been a Dancer

Day 1, Week 12: Mind the Gap

Data is important. A good analyst, motivated to collect and use data in meaningful ways, can provide recommendations and theories that could uproot an entire program, company, or continent. They can use data strategically in creative, statistically significant, and compelling ways. Data is important, but it can be deceptive. A good storyteller can use data … Continue reading Day 1, Week 12: Mind the Gap