A Final Word About Moose & Muffins

As an anti-social programs and anti-welfare narrative, it exposes the heart of the issue, the heart of the error. People who benefit from social programs aren’t animals. Children with special needs aren’t moose. Women aren’t moose. Black people, Muslims, and undocumented immigrants aren’t moose. Syrians aren’t moose.

Finding Joy

The answer to every problem, both the ones I imagine and the ones that are real, is information. The greater its depth and breadth, the more equipped we are to find a solution. The more equipped we are to cut our losses, change our minds, or grieve. We are less anxious. We are self-assured. We have all that we need to be happy: information.

Back to School: Free Lesson Printable

Last week's professional development workshop focused on mindfulness and self-care. We were encouraged to choose our personal Board of Directors: peers, family, and friends we trusted to advise us, mentor us, and counsel us. Colleagues who could share best practices. Elders who could share expertise and insight. Friends and family who could recognize and remind … Continue reading Back to School: Free Lesson Printable

Day 1, Week 15: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

My childishness is layered. A byproduct of the entitlement I inherited when I was a white evangelical Christian. (No disrespect intended.) When I was young, I hated childishness. I aspired for wisdom, maturity, and growth. I took work seriously, school seriously, family obligations, volunteer commitments, sports/recreation seriously. Everything was an elaborate undertaking. My failure as … Continue reading Day 1, Week 15: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Family & Safety Preparedness Resources (For Undocumented Immigrants)

I recently attended a workshop designed for service providers of refugee and immigrant support programs. It was created for staff to gain a better understanding of existing immigration policy and to learn preventative measures undocumented immigrants can take in light of recent changes and the risk of potential deportation. For Houston-based folk, here is a … Continue reading Family & Safety Preparedness Resources (For Undocumented Immigrants)

Writer’s Delight (A Short List)

This week the Houston Museum of African American Culture launched its 40th anniversary tribute to Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. I discovered her in college when an English literature course inspired me to seek out writers of color because the ones I knew were few and … Continue reading Writer’s Delight (A Short List)