What Do You Do With A Problem?

There were four of us. We shared titles, responsibilities and stress. We shared deadlines, assignments and power struggles. We shared supervisors and, sometimes, file folders. Like heroines on a supernatural quest, we each possessed one super-human ability. With our powers combined, we were uniquely poised to be effective, creative leaders... on a bridge to nowhere. Throughout … Continue reading What Do You Do With A Problem?


Day 3, Week 28: Pack Light

There's a coldness in me that I can access when needed or when it suits me. I'm good at rejection, both being rejected and doing the rejecting. I'm good at taking "no" for an answer. When given the means, I'm good at firing people. A few years ago I felt a close friend of mine … Continue reading Day 3, Week 28: Pack Light

A Final Word About Moose & Muffins

As an anti-social programs and anti-welfare narrative, it exposes the heart of the issue, the heart of the error. People who benefit from social programs aren’t animals. Children with special needs aren’t moose. Women aren’t moose. Black people, Muslims, and undocumented immigrants aren’t moose. Syrians aren’t moose.