But I Am Still Thirsty

We knew he’d be tall because his knees were too big for his legs. Ever since he was little,  they were at least three times the size of his knees. We figured that he’d take after my dad’s uncles. In college, I was really excited when he asked to come visit me. Seven years my … Continue reading But I Am Still Thirsty


Superman Isn’t Coming

He was born Kal-El and hailed from Krypton originally. His beloved father helped coordinate a narrow escape, one that would make him a refugee. Although gifted with compassion and supernatural ability, he remained an outsider to western culture. He remained undocumented. Not long after his arrival, a kind-hearted couple from Kansas adopted him. He assimilated … Continue reading Superman Isn’t Coming

If You’re Here For the Hugs & Cookies, Please Get Out (Part 2 of 2)

For better or for worse adult education programming functions much like elementary and secondary education. States and local governments provide funding, accountability, and oversight. Politics at the national level set the stage for the scope and sequence of our work. They can outline performance metrics and indicators. They can determine future eligibility requirements and create … Continue reading If You’re Here For the Hugs & Cookies, Please Get Out (Part 2 of 2)

A Final Word About Moose & Muffins

As an anti-social programs and anti-welfare narrative, it exposes the heart of the issue, the heart of the error. People who benefit from social programs aren’t animals. Children with special needs aren’t moose. Women aren’t moose. Black people, Muslims, and undocumented immigrants aren’t moose. Syrians aren’t moose.

Family & Safety Preparedness Resources (For Undocumented Immigrants)

I recently attended a workshop designed for service providers of refugee and immigrant support programs. It was created for staff to gain a better understanding of existing immigration policy and to learn preventative measures undocumented immigrants can take in light of recent changes and the risk of potential deportation. For Houston-based folk, here is a … Continue reading Family & Safety Preparedness Resources (For Undocumented Immigrants)