Before The I Do: Love Is Not a Marriage

I wasn't sure if I believed in marriage. It was antiquated. It was oppressive. It was rooted in the myth of female subjectivity. Rooted in a historical legacy of woman as property: capable of, needing to be, and wanting to be owned. It was the aspiration of overzealous evangelicals, cloaked in insincere holiness, in inauthentic … Continue reading Before The I Do: Love Is Not a Marriage


Sometimes They Come Back

I was six when my grandmother passed away, so I don’t remember much about her. What I can piece together is vague and, because of its lack of specificity, unsatisfying. I know that she had a large family and that she was one of just a few girls in a house dominated by brothers. I … Continue reading Sometimes They Come Back

Love Is Not a Marriage (…continued)

I wasn’t sure that I wanted marriage or children. Marriage was the aspiration of insecure women with little ambition. I was sophisticated, and metropolitan, and evolved (Whew! Lol, right?). More than that, I didn’t think someone black would ever love me, truly. I was weird and prude and unconventional. And not in the interesting way, … Continue reading Love Is Not a Marriage (…continued)