Black On Both Sides

When I was white, it wasn’t on purpose. It wasn’t intentional. It started because I was a square peg coveting circles. It started because I stuck out everywhere, even when I didn’t want the attention. Even when race and gender didn’t play a role. I just didn’t seem to belong anywhere. About seven years ago … Continue reading Black On Both Sides


Love Is Not a Marriage (…continued)

I wasn’t sure that I wanted marriage or children. Marriage was the aspiration of insecure women with little ambition. I was sophisticated, and metropolitan, and evolved (Whew! Lol, right?). More than that, I didn’t think someone black would ever love me, truly. I was weird and prude and unconventional. And not in the interesting way, … Continue reading Love Is Not a Marriage (…continued)

Love Is Not A Marriage

We dreaded it. From the moment the words slipped from his lips there was gnashing of teeth and long-suffering: Mandatory team-building. Sweet Christmas. They told us to bring snacks and wear comfortable clothing. They told us to be prepared for inclement weather and outdoor activity. They didn't share what the activities were or what kind and how … Continue reading Love Is Not A Marriage