On Comedy Central, there’s a sketch by Key and Peele that I absolutely love. “Luther” as we call him, is a living, breathing, anger translator. He says exactly what you’re thinking– exactly how you think it. No holds barred.

When we meet him, he’s usually “translating” for political figures like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In real life, I’m about 60% Luther, 40% “Reform.” Inner me is 100% Luther about 100% of the time.

From outrage to reform is about two things: Anger and Productivity.

First, anger.

Self-righteous, outrageous, valid, necessary, purposeful, and unnecessary anger.

Second, productivity.

Success, completion, failure, reflection, progress, introspection, education, hope, and joy.

Sometimes love.


And Productivity.

I tend to write more about education, race, power, and privilege (mostly because these things make me the angriest).

I hope you’ll stay.

I hope you’ll join me.