We Can Always Love.

It is possible
To merely love in pieces. 

Smile lines
Attention to detail

Shared values
Shared vision 
Common dreams. 

We can always love.

It is possible to merely love in seasons

When the breeze hits your fingertips and slips up your shoulders
and reminds you that although ever oft in the distance 
Winter won’t soon come. 

We can always love.

It is possible to love merely in stages.
The toddler gaining mastery over her feet. 
The pianist gaining mastery over the organ. 
The artist’s transcendence after every almost masterpiece begging for completion. 

We can always love.

We can love the progression in short, concentrated, calculated, dramatic bursts.

We can always love.
We can always love.
We can always love. 

Harder still to love his anger. His arrogance. His weakness. His fear. His intensity.

His insufficiency. 

His pride.

Easier to love in stages.

Love in pieces.

Love in seasons.

To love only the best parts of ourselves
and the best parts of each other 

And revel in our victory


What we weren’t


To finally heal.

-Anj. Gunter

Author: Anj.

Hi! I'm Anj. Thanks for visiting my page. I'm an aspiring writer, former teacher, and Houston native. I've worked in education for more than 15 years. This blog was inspired by (1) my first year teaching experiences and (2) my lovely student loan debt. Feel free to connect if you'd like to share a story about race, power, or privilege.