I have to break things up into parts before I can digest them.

I do this with books, new information, and chores.

I do this with pancakes and tortilla chips.

I do this when I’m anxious, nervous, worried, scared, but especially when I’m angry.

I do this when I’m working towards a large project or a big goal that’s more than I can chew at once.

I do this intentionally and strategically so that I can complete, progress, move forward, or learn.

When are you most productive?

I started writing a book (again). I do this every few years, but I never commit fully.

Two years ago it was a biography about my mother.

Four years ago it was about recidivism among non-violent offenders.

Six years ago it was an “instruction manual” for growing up (for my two year-old niece).

Last week it was a children’s book series with the heroine “Just Bridges.”

I aspire.

I started making lists. Productivity hacks, life hacks, get-your-life-together hacks. I started thinking through the things that get in the way, and ways I can reclaim my time.

Health and moods aside, I know what impacts my productivity the most.

1. Food and Diet.

How I Went Vegan (Yesterday) & How You Can Too!
On Beyonce, Charter Schools, and Kale.
Finish It.

2. Financial Stress.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know (on stocks & investing).
The Big Short.
What I Know Now (Two Cents on Stocks & Investing).

3. Disorganization and Poor Planning.

On Loving Robin Williams & Making S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
On Loving Forest Whitaker & Revisiting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
Don’t Stop Believing.
Measure Twice, Cut Once.

4. Relationship growing pains.

Love is not a marriage.
Love is not a marriage (continued).
Before the “I do.”

5. Anger.

The Point of It All.
Should We Stop Saying Triggered?
The Up Side of Anger.
The Up Side of Anger (continued).

When are you most productive?


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