What Are You Curious About?

Driverless cars. Vegan cheese. Landfills.

She took Ritalin on purpose.

She said she needed it to get through law school. She’d gotten it from her younger brother who didn’t like the way it made him felt. She’d used it a few times in high school and loved how productive it made her.

Her partner was a budding photographer who was fifteen years her senior. He wanted to have children, and wanted it with a sense of urgency. She wanted to wait—graduate, pass the bar, practice for a few years– and then try.

She said she was with him because he was handsome and rich. His age bothered her, but that was the price you paid. She didn’t think they’d make it, but she wanted to hold on just in case.

At her birthday party, she told us how it felt being adopted.
What are you curious about?

Driverless cars. I’m curious about how quickly they’ll be integrated into cities, and which cities will be most receptive to them. What demographic will prefer them? Who’ll be their strongest opponents?

Vegan cheese—specifically, cashew cheese. How do you make it? How much healthier is it than real cheese? How much of it is too much?

How Lakers fans will make the adjustment with Lebron’s up-and-coming arrival.

Why superheroes in Marvel productions don’t demonstrate strong critical thinking skills.

The process for turning ocean water into fresh water. Its costs, benefits, feasibility, and long-term usefulness.


How Half Price Books has maintained such an effective business model. Will Barnes & Noble close soon? If so, how soon? Will Half Price ever expand to other states or regions?

How easy or difficult it might be to make money on Teacherspayteachers.com.

What are the most effective strategies for teaching reading? What are the best ways to determine a child’s reading level?

Why real estate is so expensive in Houston and whether the city will ever improve its transportation-related infrastructure.

What causes a solar eclipse and how often do they happen?

What are you curious about?

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