We need to have a conversation about race, but the internet might be the worst possible place to have it. It’s flat, it’s impersonal, and—because we are strangers— it doesn’t lend itself well to conversations among friends.

Should you talk to your children about race and racism? About suicide? About #MeToo?

Do we need consequences? Do we need punishment? Do we need affirmative action, charter schools, or kale?

Do Christians indoctrinate their children?

Should we believe women?

Is “I’m rooting for everybody black” racist?

What frustrates you the most about homophobia? About poverty? About standardized testing?

Is compulsory education outdated and ineffective?

Despite the limitations, I hope we can find ways to keep the (healthy) conversation going.


Please feel free to recommend resources: blogs, books, articles, podcasts, seminars, lectures, events, organizations, groups, videos, etc. you find useful.

The purpose isn’t to debate or to decide who’s right or wrong.

The purpose is to move—in whatever ways we are capable of moving —from outrage to reform.

I hope you’ll stay. I hope you’ll join me.



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