What Did You Learn This Week That You Didn’t Know Before?

It’s not nearly enough.

What did you learn this week that you didn’t know before, sincerely?

1. I learned that Malay is among the top ten in a list of the languages most widely spoken around the world. Sadly, not only did I not know it was spoken by so many people (approximately 281 million), I had actually never heard of the language!

2. There are approximately 195 countries in the world (or something really, really close to that number). There is also a list of places that are not recognized as countries (presumably for political reasons) by those entities that do the recognizing.

3. Haiti was the first Black Republic. The independent nation of Haiti came about through the largest slave rebellion outside of the United States. The debt the United States owes to Haiti has never been paid.

4. I don’t actually like writing about race. Or rather, I dislike people’s reactions to the conversation– their willingness to respond negatively, first– without actually engaging in the conversation, reading, or acknowledging facts. I dislike the effort, time, and grace that’s required to maintain optimism, hope, and diplomacy. The struggle
5. There’s a vegan restaurant a few miles away from me that I just discovered. Visit @greenvegetarian on Chimney Rock.  You’re welcome!

6. Barack and Michelle Obama will produce new shows for Netflix under Higher Ground Productions.

7. Also, Michelle Obama has written a memoir, and it’ll be released this November 13th.

8. I was hurt because my brother didn’t respond to a text I sent him a few weeks ago about some health issues I’ve been having. I found out today that he didn’t respond because it just made him really, really sad.

9. Senator Wendy Davis, who has run for governor of Texas in the past, admitted that she embellished critical details of her life story. (This is old news, but I just learned it.)

10. Sandra Bullock will star as Wendy Davis in a production called “Let Her Speak” that will be produced by Todd Black and Jason Blumenthal. I haven’t found a release date yet.

11. The NFL’s new national anthem policy has effectively widened the chasm among U.S.’ fans and critics alike.

12. My niece is working on her very own children’s book. She likes to write, paint, and draw and will create all the characters. Sadly, she has no idea how excited I am about this project or that I, too, want to make my own children’s book.

13. I don’t completely believe that I can lose the weight I’ve gained. I’m actually embarrassed to type this. I might even delete it later. But there it is.

14. During the Black Panthers era, the NRA supported gun control. Read more about it here.

15. Rachel Dolezal is being accused of welfare fraud. She was recently charged with theft by welfare fraud, false verification for public assistance, and perjury. Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016.

16. One of my third graders wants to be a writer and a teacher. I’ve been frustrated with his performance because he’s often easily distracted and under-prepared, even though we’re just a group of four. I assumed his dislike for Language Arts was the root of the trouble, but he wants to be a writer! We created haiku yesterday, and he was STOKED!

17. The plural of haiku is haiku or haikus (just had to Google it).

18. Even though I only drive three days a week, a full gas tank only lasts me one week. #thestruggle

19. I accidentally discovered a great thrift store while running errands in a nearby neighborhood. Check out Sand Dollar Thrift in the Heights. They’re open until 9pm on Mondays- Saturdays and until 7pm on Sundays. They accept donations, and they have a special discount rate for seniors on Tuesdays.

20. Harvey Weinstein, after recently turning himself in for several sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations, has been arrested and charged with rape.

It’s not nearly enough, but what did you learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?

Author: Anj.

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