When I was a first year teacher, the veteran 6th grade chair befriended me. Her class always completed exit tickets, and sometimes students could choose the theme. In my last year of teaching, I tried to model my class after hers.

She wasn’t a counselor, but she had a delicate way about her. Even her posture was wise.

“What did you learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?”

It was a challenge and a call to arms for her students. It was an indictment for me.

Today I learned that my sister and I have the same temperaments, coping mechanisms, and moods.

I learned that I have a bias in favor of immigrants and those who speak multiple languages. I tend to believe they are more adaptable, more metropolitan, and more politically engaged.

Marvel is owned by Disney, but Fox maintains the rights to some of the Marvel characters. It’s one of the reasons why Marvel movies aren’t necessarily true to the comic books. It’s also why none of the X-Men characters have appeared in Avengers’ films.

The recent E. coli outbreak has spread to at least 25 of the states, and it’s caused at least one death so far.

At work, I learned that revenue and expense contracts require the same templates for coversheets and RFAs. I learned that open-enrollment courses don’t require a standard operating agreement.

At tutoring, I learned that the book Shiloh was inspired by a true story.

Texas was one of just a handful of states that chose not to adopt Common Core State Standards.

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Oh, and Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.

It’s not nearly enough, but what did you learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?


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