He showed up in a miniature Toyota. There was room to seat four comfortably, but we were seven. Four of us over 6 feet two, 240 plus. We argued about the radio; ducked down when we saw patrol cars. Made it to the beach right before dusk and safely back to the conference before dawn.

We’d traveled from Chicago to Florida for a PD conference.

The conference was strange. We walked away with goodie bags of questions. My presenter had taken classes with Einstein and had devised a lecture on understanding your purpose.

He spent more than an hour talking about Einstein and Einstein’s family. He said that Einstein’s mother was embarrassed by him and considered him a burden. Much of his work, his life, and his legacy was instigated by a desire to make his mother proud.

I spent much of the conference in a daze thinking about all the things I’d started but had never finished. I thought about all the books I’d bought, all the stories I’d written, all the memberships, all the clubs. I thought about all the things I’d simply just wanted to learn.

During the new year I always wax poetic about goals, progress, and change. Committed to a new year full of new expectation– new hope. Last month I was itching to go back to school again, so I did a little digging to find some FREE, online courses.

I’m anxious to get started! More to come.

1. Edx.org

2. Openculture.com
Open Culture

3. Class-Central.com

4. Coursera.org

5. Khanacademy.org
khan academy

What inspires you to keep learning? What resources do you recommend? 


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