Save Tonight

Back in February I flew to Chicago for a friend's wedding. I was embarrassed that I couldn't afford the trip, but honored to be a bridesmaid. I wouldn't dare, couldn't dare cancel-- under any circumstances. In the past few years the bride had become like a sister to me: an inspiration who never set limits … Continue reading Save Tonight


Black On Both Sides

When I was white, it wasn’t on purpose. It wasn’t intentional. It started because I was a square peg coveting circles. It started because I stuck out everywhere, even when I didn’t want the attention. Even when race and gender didn’t play a role. I just didn’t seem to belong anywhere. About seven years ago … Continue reading Black On Both Sides

Save Tonight.

My mother used to make our clothes when we were younger. In fifth grade my favorite was a black and green checkered pattern two-piece. The top fit like a suit jacket with box shoulders and mid-length sleeves. The bottoms were shorts that swam past my knees. Whenever I’d wear it, I’d get permission to wear … Continue reading Save Tonight.