On June 30, 1926 the United States enacted its national code of law. Often referred to as the U.S.C., the code provides the general and permanent statutes of the United States. The Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives prepares this code.

The U.S.C. is organized and grouped by common themes, and these themes are listed by titles, which are delineated further into chapters. Every six years a new edition of the U.S. code is published. Supplements are made available in order to keep the code up-to-date between publication periods.

As of July 2017 there are currently 54 titles and 5 appendices:

Title 1: General Provisions
Title 2: The Congress
Title 3: The President
Title 4: Flag, Seal, & Seat of Government and the States
Title 5: Government Organization & Employees
Title 6: Homeland Security
Title 7: Agriculture
Title 8: Aliens & Nationality
Title 9: Arbitration
Title 10: Armed Forces
Title 11: Bankruptcy
Title 12: Banks & Banking
Title 13: Census
Title 14: Coast Guard
Title 15: Commerce & Trade
Title 16: Conservation
Title 17: Copyrights
Title 18: Crimes & Criminal Procedure
Title 19: Custom Duties
Title 20: Education
Title 21: Food & Drugs
Title 22: Foreign Relations & Intercourse
Title 23: Highways
Title 24: Hospitals & Asylums
Title 25: Indians
Title 26: Internal Revenue Code
Title 27: Intoxicating Liquors
Title 28: Judiciary & Judicial Review
Title 29: Labor
Title 30: Mineral Lands & Mining
Title 31: Money & Finance
Title 32: National Guard
Title 33: Navigation & Navigable Waters
Title 34: Navy
Title 35: Patents
Title 36: Patriotic & National Observances, Ceremonies, & Organizations
Title 37: Pay & Allowances of the Uniformed Services
Title 38: Veterans’ Benefits
Title 39: Postal Service
Title 40: Public Buildings, Property, & Works
Title 41: Public Contracts
Title 42: Public Welfare
Title 43: Public Lands
Title 44: Public Printing & Documents
Title 45: Railroads
Title 46: Shipping
Title 47: Telegraphs, Telephones, and Radio Telegraphs
Title 48: Territories & Insular Possessions
Title 49: Transportation
Title 50: War & National Defense
Title 51: National & Commercial Space Programs
Title 52: Voting & Elections
Title 53: “Reserved” for Small Business
Title 54: National Park Service & Related Programs

To learn more, or to read the U.S. code for yourself, visit here.

A few weeks ago I learned that Governor Greg Abbott signed Texas Senate Bill 4 into law. SB4 will go into effect on September 1, 2017 (more on that later). My initial ignorance of this bill, as well my ignorance of other recent legislation, has made me go back to the very beginning to relearn what I’ve long since forgotten.

How do you find your local representatives?
How many districts exist in Texas?
What laws exist beyond common law & statutory law?
Where can I go to stay abreast of upcoming policies & recent legislation?
How many sanctuary cities exist, and where are they?

(If you have any old Poli Sci books, feel free to throw them my way!)

On Texas
Texas’ political leadership consists of two senators and 36 members of the House of Representatives. Senators are elected for staggered 6-year terms.

Republican Senator John Cornyn was elected in 2002. Republican Senator Ted Cruz was elected in 2013. The 36 representatives are listed below, along with the districts they oversee.

Name Party Affiliation Year Elected District
Gohmert Jr., Louie Republican 2005 1st
Poe, Ted Republican 2005 2nd
Johnson, Sam Republican 1991 3rd
Ratcliffe, John Republican 2015 4th
Hensarling, Jeb Republican 2003 5th
Barton, Joe Republican 1985 6th
Culberson, John Republican 2001 7th
Brady, Kevin Republican 1997 8th
Green, Al Democrat 2005 9th
McCaul, Michael Republican 2005 10th
Conaway, Michael Republican 2005 11th
Granger, Kay Republican 1997 12th
Thornberry, Mac Republican 1995 13th
Weber, Randy Republican 2013 14th
Gonzalez, Vicente Democrat 2017 15th
O’Rourke, Beto Democrat 2013 16th
Flores, Bill Republican 2011 17th
Lee, Sheila Jackson Democrat 1995 18th
Arrington, Jodey Republican 2017 19th
Castro, Joaquin Democrat 2013 20th
Smith, Lamar Republican 1987 21st
Olson, Pete Republican 2009 22nd
Hurd, Will Republican 2015 23rd
Marchant, Kenny Republican 2005 24th
Williams, Roger Republican 2013 25th
Burgess, Michael Republican 2003 26th
Farenthold, Blake Republican 2011 27th
Cuellar, Henry Democrat 2005 28th
Green, Gene Democrat 1993 29th
Johnson, Eddie Democrat 1993 30th
Carter, John Republican 2003 31st
Sessions, Pete Republican 2003 32nd
Veasey, Marc Democrat 2013 33rd
Vela, Filemon Democrat 2013 34th
Doggett, Lloyd Democrat 2013 35th
Babin, Brian Republican 2015 36th

Day 1, Week 1. More to come!