When Legitimacy Fails (Falling Slowly)

Legitimacy is important. It's why Trump bombed Syria. It's why Kim married Kanye. It's why Beyonce made that ridiculous photo shoot. (Yeah, I said it). Legitimacy can define our career, our self-worth, and our relationships. It can anchor us and sustain us when we aren't being fed by our work, by our studies, or by … Continue reading When Legitimacy Fails (Falling Slowly)


Day 5, Week 17: What I Know Now (Two Cents on Stocks & Investing)

Service has always been a part of my family. It wasn’t something we talked about. It wasn’t tokenized; it wasn’t manufactured. It wasn’t even referred to as service. (Saying it now makes me feel paternalistic). As a result, I've never cared much about money. I've been distrustful of those with greater access to critical resources. … Continue reading Day 5, Week 17: What I Know Now (Two Cents on Stocks & Investing)

We Built A House

We built a house We built a house With our bare hands Cementing, disheveled, shoveling Meticulously constructing a secure foundation Preparing plans, re-planning, reconstructing. We built a house But I was hungry And bored of the labor Menial Meticulously constructing a way out Of us Not a legacy passed down or a legacy given up … Continue reading We Built A House

If You’re Here For the Hugs & Cookies, Please Get Out (Part 2 of 2)

For better or for worse adult education programming functions much like elementary and secondary education. States and local governments provide funding, accountability, and oversight. Politics at the national level set the stage for the scope and sequence of our work. They can outline performance metrics and indicators. They can determine future eligibility requirements and create … Continue reading If You’re Here For the Hugs & Cookies, Please Get Out (Part 2 of 2)

Love Is Not A Marriage

We dreaded it. From the moment the words slipped from his lips there was gnashing of teeth and long-suffering: Mandatory team-building. Sweet Christmas. They told us to bring snacks and wear comfortable clothing. They told us to be prepared for inclement weather and outdoor activity. They didn't share what the activities were or what kind and how … Continue reading Love Is Not A Marriage

A Final Word About Moose & Muffins

As an anti-social programs and anti-welfare narrative, it exposes the heart of the issue, the heart of the error. People who benefit from social programs aren’t animals. Children with special needs aren’t moose. Women aren’t moose. Black people, Muslims, and undocumented immigrants aren’t moose. Syrians aren’t moose.