I recently attended a workshop designed for service providers of refugee and immigrant support programs. It was created for staff to gain a better understanding of existing immigration policy and to learn preventative measures undocumented immigrants can take in light of recent changes and the risk of potential deportation.

For Houston-based folk, here is a list of resources that offer free and low-cost legal services and who take clients by appointments. This information was created and prepared by BakerRipley immigration services. Copies of the presentation are provided below in English and Spanish.

Resource List

  1. African Law Center
    (281) 624-6421, http://www.africanlawcenter.org
  2. Boat People SOS
    (281) 530-6888, http://www.bpsoshou.org
  3. Justice For Our Neighbors Houston
    (713) 454-6470, http://www.jfonhoustong-etx.org
  4. The Immigration Clinics at South Texas College of Law Houston
    (713) 646-2990, http://www.stcl.edu/academics/legal-clinics
  5. University of Houston Law Center Immigration Center
    (713) 743-2094, http://www.law.uh.edu/clinic.immi
  6. Chinese Community Center (citizenship/naturalization only)
    (713) 271-6100 (ask for Immigration Program), http://www.ccchouston.org
  7. Bonding Against Adversity (citizenship/naturalization only)
    (713) 471-5832, http://www.bondingagainstadversity.org
  8. United We Dream (DACA only)
    (713) 863-1422, http://www.unitedwedream.org
  9. Kids In Need of Defense (unaccompanied minors only)
    (832) 412-4937, http://www.supportkind.org

Legal Consultations are available at the following centers: 

  • Catholic Charities Cabrini Center for
  • Immigrant Legal Assistance
  • BakerRipley (formerly Neighborhood Centers)
  • YMCA International Services
  • Memorial Assistance Ministries
  • Human Rights First
  • Tahirih Justice Center

*Additional information is provided on the resource packets below.

Family and Safety Preparedness Packet English – PDF
Family and Safety Preparedness Packet Spanish – PDF



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