I used to have a crush on Robin Williams. It lasted from Mork and Mindy up until Bicentennial Man. He seemed genuine and kind; there was a sincerity about him. I saw such vulnerability, compassion, and strength.

In What Dreams May Come, he loved his wife so much that he left Heaven to seek her out in Hell. He was committed to their partnership and committed to sharing her burden. In Patch Adams, he was nontraditional and inspiring. He provided access and resources by creating a revolutionary, home-based clinic for individuals in need of support. His sheer passion inspired peers to re-evaluate their commitment to medicine, to re-evaluate what it meant to live, and to re-evaluate what it meant to serve. He wasn’t afraid to take great risks and sacrifice his own personal wealth for service to the larger community.

When Sally Field divorced him in Mrs. Doubtfire, a little resentment crept in my heart. He just wanted to be a good father. Why would she take that away from him?!

I actually didn’t remember caring that much about him until my sister called me when he died. “Are you okay, Angie? I heard the news.” I thought she was poking fun, but then a few friends from school called and my mom too.

I’ve always been attracted to talented, funny people. It’s really my only criteria– for anything.

At work this week, I had to identify my 2017 goals. We had to create SMART goals, ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. If I can be honest here, it seemed like a waste of time. Who has time for goal-setting? Goals are for rich people. I’ve got shit to do.

Half-way through the exercise, I was committed. It took me three hours to create, articulate, analyze, reflect on, and re-write my professional goals.

It motivated me to think through my own goals. To think through what I wanted, way back when what I wanted was Robin Williams.

Research & Development

  1. Within eight weeks, I will complete draft 1 of my children’s book about dreamcatchers. (But first, I will figure out how to write said children’s book.)
  2. Within two months, I will complete cursory research on recidivism, immigration reform, the U.S. Department of Education, common core & standardized testing, environmental literacy, and important public health initiatives (for kicks & giggles).
  3. Within six weeks, I will finish reading two of the books I purchased this Christmas so I can learn more about education policy and grassroots organizing (and so I can stop being a slob).

Health & Wellness

  1. Within two weeks I will commit to a more active, healthier lifestyle by exercising at least three days a week for at least 30 minutes each session. (Yeah, I need two weeks to commit to getting started.) The struggle.
  2. Starting in February, my sister and I will work out together at least twice a month. Right, T?!
  3. By June this year, I will have joined a weekly volleyball league.

Family & Relationships 

  1. I will coordinate Sunday dinners with my parents and sister’s family at least twice each month so that we can create new traditions and stay better connected.
  2. Starting in February, I will visit my brother (who lives in Austin) every other month during the weekend. Right, Rod?
  3. Within the next eight months, Vern and I will complete at least one 5K together and will have created a regular practice of walking together at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each walk. Right, V?

These are the first few, but I’m thinking through the rest.

What are your SMART goals?

Which celebrity’s life (or death) affected you?