I always wanted to be wise. When I was younger, I thought I could get it from books and new experiences. I felt trapped and stifled, and thought that wisdom would set me free.

I even stopped reading fiction entirely. The only way to become wise was to learn as many facts as possible as fast as possible, like there was a linear relationship between facts consumed and wisdom created.

As I grew older I started to realize that my idols, everyone who was wise beyond their years, had all experienced significant and life-altering tragedy.

No, perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for wisdom.

My niece is learning Spanish and Chinese at her charter school. At the park this weekend, she left the slide, approached an Asian-American couple, and immediately started speaking Chinese. I realized what was happening a minute too late, but the family seemed impressed, not offended. Fortunately, they were actually Chinese. WHEW! They understood what she was saying and helped with her intonation.

She truly is fearless. My own language learning is going slower than I hoped; I’m still not devoting the time I need.

I found myself getting angry much more often this week. We tend to do rose/bud/thorn when our energy, productivity, or focus are FOUL. The intentionality is good for me because I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Writing is supposed to help, but I enjoy having to think through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Houston is finally growing on us. We’re finally able to spend more time outdoors on the weekends. The weather is beautiful. We’re finding more parts of the city to explore, more parks, and more areas that are slightly more walkable. Slightly. We’re able to be more productive for longer periods of time, and we’re more in sync with our breaks and work schedules. I’m finally able to spend more time with my family. SUCCESS.

No TV weekdays is still ‘killin the game. I made a little more progress organizing my time, space, and files. Here’s a few things I gathered from Google/Pinterest:

  • Use ice cube trays to sort earrings
  • Use a magazine file to organize curling irons, blowdryers, etc.
  • Use the metal can tab (from sodas) to create double hangers
  • Use tic tac boxes to store spices when you’re tight on space
  • Use shower hooks to hang purses
  • Use shower rings to hang scarves or belts or hats
  • Use a muffin tin to store smaller items (binder clips, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc.)
  • Use easy grab pouches for first aid kits or ziplock bags to store commonly used supplies
  • Use toilet paper rolls or paper towel holders to store extension cords, etc.
  • Use tension rods to store pot lids or to create a shoe rack

Pretending to consider committing to becoming vegan (yes, alla that) has forced me to be more creative. I’m actually starting to get excited about grocery shopping and trying to create vegan-friendly foods. Right now, it’s more time-consuming than I’d like because eggs, milk, and cheese are in everything. I’m missing IHOP runs and quiche.

It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still moving towards better work-life balance. Becoming more organized has helped, but I still need a way to integrate reading and exercise into the routine. What works for you? 

Stress. Politics. ‘Mericah. Fighting away feelings of futility. Not having enough time to enjoy moments. Continuing to make poor health/wellness choices.

What’s your rose/bud/thorn this week? 



5 thoughts on “Day 2, Week 6: Rose, Bud, Thorn

  1. I work out first thing in the morning at 5am. Get it done and out of the way I found this best for me and it mentally help to make better food choices during the day as you don’t want all that hard work and lack of sleep to go to waste.


    1. I tried this a few months ago! I was actually successful for two days in a row, and I felt energized and refreshed the whole day. I even stayed up later because I had more energy in the evening after work. The next day, I quit. Lol. Consistency is hard for me, but I should definitely try again. Thanks!


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