Community development is important. I have no doubt that if more of us felt satisfied in our careers and with the opportunities available to us, we’d be more present in our communities, more present with our families, and more present in our lives.

I have no doubt that if we were satisfied professionally, we wouldn’t feel like someone else was taking something that belongs to us. We’d be less likely to make decisions from a place of fear and entitlement and more likely to mind our own business– in the most literal sense of the phrase.

If we had a greater sense of power and felt more in control, we’d be less likely to lord power over others, to minimize their power, or to make restrictions on how people should live. Community development could save us (religion and spirituality aside).

I’m excited for my progress. I miscounted last time, so today is actually Day 1 of Week 2. Going without t.v. has been a game-changer. I’m typically a little lethargic after work, but knowing that I have a project to complete everyday gives me something to look forward to.

I’m ignorant of most history and policy, so I’ve started researching topics I’ve always wanted to learn more about. There’s so much information to sort through! It’s simultaneously overwhelming and invigorating. The current political climate has put a fire under me to become a better advocate, and I can’t do that without information. The struggle is real.

Week 1 Success:

  • We’re more consistent, focused, and have clarified the purpose for our projects.
  • We’ve started organizing our processes, paperwork, and files.
  • We’ve started gathering and using data. (He’s finished more art & Page 2 of the Coloring Book. I’ve made a few more blog posts, and started researching themes for a children’s book).

Week 1 Failures:

  • I’ve been inconsistent with my Spanish lessons.
  • My health and wellness habits have declined: no exercise & bad diet

How was your week?