This week was a mixed bag. We made it until Sunday without watching any t.v. (the original plan was only Friday), and I accomplished my goal of writing something new everyday. I skipped three days of DuoLingo, so I’m currently at a “streak” of only finishing one day in a row. #thestruggle

I tried to make it up by doing overtime on Saturday (my daily goal is 20 minutes, but I did about an hour that day), but I think it was counterproductive because now I can only remember a third of the words I’ve learned so far.

I think my approach (at consistency) is good, but I need a more active approach too. So far I’ve just been doing the lessons on the computer or on my phone; but I know that I learn best by writing things down, so I’ll start keeping a journal to record the new words, their definitions, and their potential alternative endings based on part of speech. I do repeat simple sentences aloud and have basic conversations with Vern (he took Spanish in high school and college, so he remembers a few things), but when I’m more confident, I’ll practice with some co-workers and some of our ESL students.

He was sick most of the week, so he didn’t make any new videos, but he did finally finish some new artwork that’s been bothering him. The piece below is a drawing that he’s redone about five times in the past two weeks. He didn’t like the way it was coming out, so he kept redrawing her. I have five different versions of her face (in an assortment of colors) hanging up in our apartment.

One of my friends saw his post on Facebook and asked about the price. He even made fifteen cents from his Youtube views this week, which I think is quite impressive since he’s only been at it a week. I’ve been blogging for a few months, and I only average about 7 views per day if I’m lucky (Thanks for reading though! I do appreciate you!). #thestruggle

Once I’m more consistent with writing, I plan to add some health, wellness, and other productivity goals into the mix. He’s promised to teach me Illustrator and Photoshop, and I want to get in the habit of being more active. I put together a Friday kickball game at work, but so far, we’ve only played twice in about 3 months. I joined a volleyball league back in September, paid my dues, but never went to any of the games.

This Saturday, I literally forgot to feed Biscuits. He asked me before he left at 9am, and when he returned at 6pm, he asked if she’d ate all her food already because her bowl was completely empty (YIKES!!!). Sorry Biscuits!

Here’s to a better Week 2.

What did you accomplish this week? What went well?