I was feeling a little stagnant, so I asked a few friends how they unplug. We decided we need to be more intentional or we’ll never make any progress, so he bought a cork board and starting posting stickies with goals.

I’m trying 1) to learn Spanish and 2) to write everyday, no exceptions. He’s working on a series of video projects 1) about biking through Houston and 2) about creating his first coloring book.

We decided to give up Netflix during the week so we’d have more time to focus. TV days are now Fridays and Saturdays. We’re on Day 3 so far, and I’m itching for some IZombie or Once Upon a Time (A sophisticated palette, I tell you.). He’s maxed out on educational science/space exploration videos. Progress is slow, but we’re excited for the first attempt.

I’m on Day 3, Lesson 4 of Duo Lingo. He just started Page 2 of coloring book #1. Video to come.

What are you working on? Where do you find inspiration?