Who Can Say

There is no God When we can learn To love The God in men Whom we have loved Who Have not Loved Us


Why Good Programs Fail: Missed Connections

I didn’t know we were dating until he tried to kiss me. I had worked there for about five years coordinating programs and teaching basic skills classes. He cared a lot about renewable energy and was hoping to install solar panels on the property he’d purchased with his step-father. At first, he’d asked for connections … Continue reading Why Good Programs Fail: Missed Connections

What So Proudly We Hailed: Love is a Battlefield

My sister has always been beautiful. On top of that, she’s always been popular, always been a natural leader, and always been talented. To add insult to injury she’s always been tall, always been compassionate, and always been able to sacrifice her own happiness for the good of the mission—whatever the mission may be. She … Continue reading What So Proudly We Hailed: Love is a Battlefield

Workforce Development Connections

Workforce development organizations are typically nonprofit organizations whose explicit mission is to provide job training for underemployed and unemployed community members. These organizations exist within self-sustaining private organizations, within nonprofit entities, within churches, within correctional facilities, within city and/or community colleges, within juvenile detention centers, within substance abuse treatment facilities, and within mental health service … Continue reading Workforce Development Connections

Understanding Workforce Development

Workforce development programming impacts millions of individuals annually. Through professional development, academic training, technical skills training, and life skills coursework, underemployed and unemployed individuals can enhance their professional skills in order to be more competitive for livable wage careers. By examining the history of workforce development, current curriculum training models, and the similarities among existing … Continue reading Understanding Workforce Development