The Lesson

I keep on dying again./Veins collapse, opening like the/Small fists of sleeping/Children. Memory of old tombs,/Rotting flesh and worms do/Not convince me against/The challenge. The years/And cold defeat live deep in/Lines along my face./They dull my eyes, yet/I keep on dying,/Because I love to live.  -Maya Angelou I don't have enough fingers or toes to count … Continue reading The Lesson


The Beyonce Effect

"Be careful what you set your heart upon-- for it will surely be yours." -James Baldwin  I was at my aunt's 60th birthday party recently, and I happened to catch my five year-old niece singing mid-song. It didn't completely hit me until that moment: I have an irrational hatred for Beyonce. Part of it is because she … Continue reading The Beyonce Effect

Designing Effective Service Programs

Evidence-based practices and performance-based funding are on the rise in adult education. The explicit goal of these strategies is to use data to more effectively manage and improve ongoing programming. We want to hold administrators and educators accountable for the failures of our students. Attrition and student failure are presumably symptomatic of poor teaching. Having been an adult … Continue reading Designing Effective Service Programs