On Beyoncé, Charter Schools, & Kale

Charter schools are kind of like Beyoncé and kale. When I was in high school, a guy from my Algebra II and Chemistry class dated Kelly from Destiny's Child. Their first single hadn't come out yet when he brought in an autographed copy of the album cover. "This is my girlfriend! This is my girlfriend! … Continue reading On Beyoncé, Charter Schools, & Kale


Should You Talk to Your Children about Race?

When my sister was born she was five-feet-seven-inches tall. By the end of high school, my brother was six-feet-two. On a good day, with the right hat and proper footwear, I tower over them at a whopping five-feet-three inches tall. At first, the differences between being short and tall were subtle and barely worth mentioning. … Continue reading Should You Talk to Your Children about Race?

You Don’t Get To Decide (Black on Both Sides)

I volunteered to help out with White History Month at my church. I sat in on some planning sessions, and I wrote a few perspective pieces (from the perspective of white men and women) for the role-play. Only a few people knew that I'd written them, so many were surprised to learn later that the … Continue reading You Don’t Get To Decide (Black on Both Sides)


“It has to hurt if it’s to heal.”  He was a child soldier called upon to complete a specific and dangerous quest. No one was able to adequately address his concerns, but he responded to the request with grace and a sense of wit. Although he understood the dangers, he believed in his mission and believed that … Continue reading Up

What Do You Do With A Problem?

There were four of us. We shared titles, responsibilities and stress. We shared deadlines, assignments and power struggles. We shared supervisors and, sometimes, file folders. Like heroines on a supernatural quest, we each possessed one super-human ability. With our powers combined, we were uniquely poised to be effective, creative leaders... on a bridge to nowhere. Throughout … Continue reading What Do You Do With A Problem?